Day 72: Bishop

Day 72, July 14, Bishop, 0 miles (0 km)

I slept in late this morning. Whenever I am in town I use the morning, laying in bed, updating my blog and sorting out my pictures.

By noon I was ready to start working on my chores. Laundry was first. I went to the local laundromet two blocks away, put in my quarters, and the screen showed me that it would take about half an hour. I decided to check out the local outdoor stores cause I was ready for new shoes. The third store had the shoes I had used until now, the Merrell Moab Ventilator’s. So far I had worn size 12.5 but they did not have them in that size so I tried on the 13’s. They felt comfortable so I bought them. My shoes started to have quite the holes in them which made it very easy for sand and small rocks to get in there. Very annoying to walk in. All by all my shoes lasted a thousand miles so I can’t complain.

The washing cycle was done when I got back so I picked up my stuff and returned to my room to hang everything to dry.

Next I cleaned my sleeping pad, tent, backpack, cooking gear and my waterfilter. 

When all that was done I decided to grab a burger and a coke and sat on the bed eating it while watching a soccer match in the Gold Cup, more specifically Costa Rica against French Guiana. The match was ok, not special, and Costa Rica won with three goals to zero.
Next I had to go to Von’s to buy more food for my next stretch. It was early evening so luckily it was a bit less hot outside. You should know that towns like Lone Pine or Bishop are at a much lower elevation so it is always hot. Everyday the temperature is hitting close to a 105f (41c). Luckily all these motels have AC and a fridge!
When I got back in my room I laid out all my food and tried to put it in my bear canister. I have about 7 days worth of food for the next 90 miles to Vermillion Valley Resort. I have some extra’s because walking and navigating in the snow slows you down plus you never know if you might have to wait out a night at a creek to let the water level drop. We will see how it goes!
I got a message from Jesse saying he was going to Rusty’s Saloon and ofcourse I agreed on joining them. 

We were having our first drink when ten other hikers joined us. They all went for dinner at a Mexican place and were in for some fun as well. Yesterday we were all at the brewery, tonight we somehow ended up at Rusty’s. 

We played darts (shitty electronic dart ‘machine’) and pool all evening. Or at least I did. I won practically every game so I could keep playing. This sounds arrogant but that’s not it. If I would have lost I would have told you as well. It’s just that back home if I go out I always end up playing snooker, pool or darts. Some of my readers definitely know what I’m talking about. If they were here I would have had a harder time winning games.

It was around two in the morning when I was in bed. I know, I know… And yes, I closed the pub…

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