Day 74: Bishop

Day 74, July 16, Bishop, 0 miles (0 km)

Watched Breaking Bad all day and enjoyed yet another day of rest! I’m planning on heading out with Jesse but so far we both got stuck in Bishop. Maybe tomorrow or maybe the day after we will be back in the mountains. 

One of the reasons for that is about Sunshine. She is a Canadian hiker that headed back to the trail a few days ago but somehow ended up in Bishop today. What happened?
She walked about two miles out of Onion Valley, set up camp, fell asleep, not knowing her hike would end the day after at four in the morning while taking a pee. 

She fell and broke her leg while taking care of some human needs. We can walk eight hundred miles through all kinds of terrain but still we are as good as the next step we take. And it wil happen before you know. Good reminder!

For now, her hike is over and she will head back to Canada. I’m sure Jesse will miss her. Being both from Canada, they found each other on trail and they connected on a beautiful way. 

Sad to see you go Sunshine! Take care of your leg and remember, the trail will be there whenever you are ready to get back to it!

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