Day 77 – 88: Mammoth

Day 77 – 88, July 19 to July 30, Mammoth, 0 miles (0 km)

I am currently in the cosy Davison Guesthouse in Mammoth. For 25 euro’s a night I get to stay in one of the nicer hostels I’ve ever stayed in. The living room has a huge window overlooking mountains in the distance. The kitchen is very well stocked, the bathroom is super clean and if you want you can relax on ond of the spacious patio’s. And there’s only 10 people in here. Nice and quiet in a stunning environment. I’ll probably stay here for awhile before starting my hike again. 

So, what did I do? Well, I said goodbye to Bishop and took the bus to Mammoth around noon. Getting to Mammoth means that I jumped ahead on the the trail. I missed out on a hundred miles through the Sierra’s. These miles were going to be very slow because of the snow and the creeks. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed these challenges before but right now I was ready to jump ahead a bit. I’m just trying to find a way that will make my journey enjoyable again. Let’s see how the homesickness evolves.

I’m quite happy with my decision to not skip ahead to Northern California. This way I will actually be able to see the Devil’s Postpile Monument, walk through the Ansel Adams Wilderness and see what Yosemite is all about. I’ll keep in touch!Oh, and while staying here I saw a bear! She was walking on a dirtroad behind the hostel but as soon as she noticed us she walked downhill to the main road and crossed it. She made it across safely, throwing her gigantic body in the air with every step she took. What a beautiful thing to look at!
On a not so positive note we all received the bad news that Rika Morita, aka Strawberry, a Japanese hiker, lost her life in the Sierra’s. She had gone missing for about two weeks when she was found by other hikers. I remember seeing her at Kennedy Meadows, looking like a happy, strong hiker. Sad news. All the best to her relatives.
Update: And just now on the end of my stay in Mammoth I heard about a second fatal accident, this time near Yosemite. Another Asian woman lost her life when crossing yet another raging creek. Not really motivating…

Tomorrow I’ll get back on trail at Red’s Meadow to start off with an alternate that allows me to observe Devil’s Postpile Monument. It’s time to start walking again. I am not really sure how I will organise the next part of my walk. I might walk till the end of the Sierra’s and then head over to Oregon to walk through Oregon and Washington. 
I’m happy I took this big break and it somehow feels like I am now restarting my hike. A new approach to this long trail. Let’s go!

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