Day 89: Mammoth to Campsite

Day 89, July 31, Mammoth to Campsite, 9.3 miles (15 km)

I must say I was happy to be out in the mountains again today. I just needed a long break off trail to start enjoying it again. In the next few days I will walk to Tuolomne Meadows where I will have the opportunity to take a shuttle to Yosemite Valley.
Around 4.30pm I was dropped off at Red’s Meadow where I took the side trail to observe the Devil’s Postpile National Monument.

The formation easily reminded me of my hike in Iceland in 2014. Svartifoss, a waterfall coming down over basalt rocks, is definitely worth checking out when you ever find yourself in Skaftafell. (link to Svartifoss picture:

After this little detour I soon crossed a river (on a bridge!) and found myself on the PCT again. The first few miles I walked on the east side of the river until I crossed yet another bridge (yes, yes) and walked awhile on the right hand side of it.

Not before long I was doing some switchbacks that took me to the Agnes Meadow trailhead. It was still not dark so I decided to go a bit further. 

After a mile of uphill walking I saw some people getting ready to camp and decided to join them. One of them was making a fire so the decision was easily made. Campfires are not only nice to sit around, they also keep the bloodsucking mosquitos away. Two for one!

I also entered the Ansel Adams Wilderness today. Lovers of photography sure know this famous photographer. I recommend googling this man if you never heard of him before. The true Ansel Adams’s beauty, lakes and mountains, will be mine for the biggest part of tomorrow. Looking forward to it. For now, it’s bed time.

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