Day 90: Campsite to Rush Creek

Day 90, August 1, Campsite to Rush Creek, 11.9 miles (19.2 km)

Out of my tent by 7.30, walking by 8. I needed to sleep in a bit since the four people I camped with were making noise past 3am. Being somehow a bit more considerate of other hikers would have been the right thing to do. But they didn’t really seem to bother about that. Well yeah, it is what it is.

I continued the climb I started yesterday evening. Most of the time was spent in the forest, now and then crossing some meadows until I had amazing sights to the west. Snowy, rocky peaks, a lake in front of it and a waterfall coming down from the lake. Stunning. 

Not to forget the many, many colorful flowers I walked past or through on my morning walk. 

I walked on, going up and down, never really flat, ofcourse not, till I reached Thousand Islands Lake. I did not really count the small islands but a thousand seems a lot. But I get why they gave this lake this name. I took a two hour break at the shore of this lake that is set in an amazing natural environment. 

It was clear that I had not slept enough last night so I took a little nap. My nap was disturbed by some rain so I packed up, put my backpack it’s rainjacket on and did the same to myself. I had some more uphill in front me to get over Island Pass. Not before long I had a nice overlook of the big lake a Thousand Islands Lake is.

There were some nice flat spots for camping at this viewing point. It was tempting but I decided that at least I needed to get over Island Pass to call it a day. Compared to the other passes in the Sierra, Island Pass was a piece of cake. On top I walked in between tons of little lakes. It reminded me of Norway and my mind took me back to the walking I have done there.

After a short downhill section I found myself in between an abundant amount of water. Creeks were coming down from everywhere. Luckily all the creeks were crossable on wide logs. No wet feet today. 

Around 3.30pm I stumbled upon Gasquet. He was in his tent taking a nap but woke up when I got closer. He had only done a few miles today and said he was feeling too weak to continue today. I immediately was ok with putting up my tent and taking a nap myself. Damn, I feel tired. Plus the tent is a palace in mosquito land. I slept for a few hours until I forced myself to make some dinner. Pastaside and bits of bacon tonight. I retreated back to my tent as soon as I turned off the gas. In these few minutes these vampires got me at least a dozen times. Just don’t scratch and I’ll be fine. 
Good night!

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