Day 91: Rush Creek to Tuolomne Meadows

Day 91, August 2, Rush Creek to Tuolomne Meadows, 16.6 miles (26.7 km)

Just like yesterday I started walking by 8 this morning. Only a thousand feet of elevation seperated me from the top of Donohue Pass. I started off with a nice gradient, crossing many little streams, walking in between small lakes until I found myself on the steeper part of the climb. 

However, the top was closeby and I reached it soon. I took a break on top and enjoyed my surroundings. The views were nice, not very spectacular since most of my close surroundings were at the same or lower elevation. Still it was an enjoyable place for a break.

The views actually got better as soon as I walked down from the pass. 

Soon the valley opened up in front of me and I could clearly see where I was heading to. This valley would be my walking terrain for the rest of the day. I kept dropping elevation until I had to cross a waist deep creek. The water was not really raging so it was easy enough to get to the other side. 

Not before long I had over eight miles of flat (first time!) terrain through Lyell Canyon in front of me. This catwalk would get me all the way to Tuolomne Meadows were I would set up my tent at the backpackers campground.

First stop when I got to Tuolomne Meadows was the surprisingly well stocked and friendly priced store. I got myself some soda and ordered a burger at the grill next door. Someone bought some beers and gave me a few so before we knew it was getting dark while the four of us were still sitting on the picnic tables in front of the store. It was past 9 when we made our way to the campground and set up our tents.
Tomorrow I’ll check out Yosemite Valley. I am so close to it that I just gotta get over there and see the giant rocky walls and falls it is famous for.

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