Day 92: Yosemite Valley

Day 92, August 3, Yosemite Valley, 0 miles (0 km)

There is a bus from Tuolomne Meadows that goes all the way to Yosemite Valley at 10.15 in the morning. The ride takes about one hour and a half and by 5pm the bus will take you back to Tuolomne. This meant I had about five hours of wandering around in Yosemite. I was not planning on doing big walks but rather just check out this famous area. 

So, I left my tent and backpack on the campground. I stored all of my food in the bear boxes in the hope that when I return tonight my tent will still be intact. I went to the store around 9 because I had to charge some devices before getting on the bus. I bought a soda for the road and was on the bus by 10.20. It was a pleasant ride but it was very clear that there was a lot of traffic on this road. That means there will probably masses of people in the valley. But you can expect that if you head to one of the more famous natural attractions in the USA. 

The bus dropped us off at the Visitor Center in the Valley. I went inside to get a map of the valley and was immediately overwhelmed by the amount of people there. After checking my options I decided to go see the Yosemite Falls. It was a short, easy hike to the lower falls but when I got there it was hard to enjoy this natural beauty. There must have been at least five hundred people there. I took the obligatory picture but wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. It was depressing! 

Afterwards I went to the deli, ate a pizza and stayed there for over an hour.
Next I went over to the Indian Village that somehow represents the life back in the days. On my walk back I had nice views towards Half Dome.

All by all today was not that great. Just way too many people to enjoy the beauty of this place. Makes me appreciate the quietness on the Pacific Crest Trail even more. After awhile you take it for granted but today was a clear reminder that it is not. I wonder how overwhelming it will be once I get back home after this walk. 
Just one more thing: if you want to know more about the climbing history of Yosemite, from the seventies until today, I recommend you check out ‘Valley Uprising’ on Netflix. It is definitely worth watching it!

4 thoughts on “Day 92: Yosemite Valley

  1. Ja na weken stilte zal dat wel raar gevoel gegeven hebben maar toch zullen we heel blij zijn je terug te zien thuis en je een goeie knuffel te geven! Al zullen we je ook de nodige ruimte geven om je terug aan te passen! Maar we willen je eerst toch efkes kort zien hoor! We missen je ook he!

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