Day 100: Sonora Pass to Campsite

Day 100, August 11, Sonora Pass to Campsite, 6.5 miles (10.5 km)

Day 100? Really? What the hell is all this about? Allright, I accept! How long will I still be able to not go home. Let’s put ourselves on the grill and see when we’re well done!Kate, the owner of the 1881 Cafe, dropped Jesse, the Canadian, and myself off at the trailhead around 5pm. She had closed her cafe around 3.30pm and was willing to drive us to the trailhead at Sonora Pass. When we got there we sat with her for awhile at a picnictable and by 6 Jesse took off and I did the same not much later.
Immediately I started climbing through the Carson Iceberg Wilderness towards some mighty red rock formations while being flanked by masses of colorful flowers. I felt happy, I was in a good place!

The higher I got the better the views became and the more I found myself walking in between all kinds of gigantic red rocky formations. From a distance they look big but when you’re closeby ‘big’ is no longer the way you can describe these masses of rock.

At the top I was welcomed with new views and all of a sudden the landscape turned into a different scenery. Not as overwhelming as the first part but still beautiful. I had to cross a few snow patches, nothing really sketchy, and before I knew I was going towards a forest. On the way there the sun started to set and the golden hour kicked in. The golden reflections on a closeby lake and other masses of water made it a very pleasant evening walk.

After another mile or two the forest started to turn dark and I decided to go another mile and a half but found Jesse halfway towards my destination and decided to join him. 
I made dinner and afterwards Jesse gave me some of his sweet treats he packed out of town, thank you!, and by 9 we were both in our little houses. Me in my tent, Jesse under his tarp.
Good night!

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