Day 101: Campsite to Campsite

Day 101, August 12, Campsite to Campsite, 23.3 miles (37.5 km)

Awake by 7.30, walking by 7.45. I continued descending through the forest with rare views of the valley and the surrounding rocky walls. As soon as the descent was over I found myself climbing again on quite a steep path. It was only a 1000 feet (300m) climb so I was soon over with it. I continued walking through forest but now and then the forest opened up and then there were nice views of my surroundings.

Ten miles in I saw Jesse sitting on a log, reading a book on his phone. I stopped very shortly but wanted to go another two and a half miles to get some water and cook so mid day food. 
These two and a half were the most open since I started this morning. I could clearly see where I was going and had great views over forests, mountains and meadows. I liked it a lot, possibly added by the fact that the uphill gradient was very gentle, barely noticeable.

I found a good spot to relax and eat some food. I made myself two packages of oriental flavoured ramen and was soon refueled. After almost two hours I was ready to get some more miles in. 
Again, forest, lots of small creeks and lots of small and huge rocks were part of my path. I know, I sound repetitive but it is what it is.

What I thought that was gonna be my last climb of the day went over a ridge with stunning views over mountains and lakes. On top I had great 360 degree views and could see one of the lakes were I initially was planning to set up camp. 

When I got there I somehow decided to go another two and a half miles to a campsite that was listed on the HalfMile app. Reasons: simple, it was only 6.30 pm and I felt I still had it in me. I knew there was gonna be a short descent, followed by a short ascent. During my descent from the lake I must have taken at least thirty pictures. Amazing lava scenery, followed by paradise worthy creeks making their way through a canyon.

The ever winding Pacific Crest Trail can clearly be seen here.

I made camp well before dark, had dinner and while rounding up this post I start to feel tired. Good productive day today. Tomorrow I start with going over Ebbets Pass. But that’s for then, for now it is sleepy time.

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