Day 93: Tuolomne Meadows

Day 93, August 4, Tuolomne Meadows, 0 miles (0 km)

I was sitting at the store in Tuolomne Meadows around noon when Andy, one of the managers of the Davison Guest House, walked in. He is walking the JMT at the moment but decided to get back to Mammoth for a day or two to attend the famous BluesaPalooza festival. He invited me to come stay at his appartment for a few days and I was easily convinced.

This hike is turning into a nice mix of walking and having good times with locals. Good to have the mix cause sometimes the hiking becomes too monotonous. Instead of thinking of going home at every time I get bored of it I found a way to make it more enjoyable. The continuation of my time in America will probably be more about making my own choices of what parts I really want to hike instead of unhappily pushing miles down the trail to get nowhere…

But again, not a lot of plans, I’ll take it as it comes!

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