Day 94 – 99: Mammoth & Bridgeport

Day 94 – 99, August 5 to August 10, Mammoth & Bridgeport, 0 miles (0 km)

I had a lot of fun these last few days. I was invited in several locals their houses, had fun in pubs, played bowling while being served White Russians all night, and so much more…In the meanwhile I also sent some stuff home. Ice-axe, microspikes, one trekking pole, stuff sacks, the top part of my pack, aka the brain, a pair of socks and a fleece are all out of my pack now. For those who are curious this whole package costed me about seventy dollars to mail back to Belgium.
I’ve also sent back the bear canister, that I obtained via the loan program, to Grumpy’s in Kennedy Meadows for eight dollars.

Tomorrow I get back on trail at Sonora Pass to start hiking a bit more.
Talk to you soon!

One thought on “Day 94 – 99: Mammoth & Bridgeport

  1. Dit betekent dat je dus niet meer in sneeuw moet stappen! En geen beer meer zal ontmoeten! K ben blij dat je daar paar dagen kon genieten!

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