Day 102: Campsite to Truckee

Day 102, August 13, Campsite to Truckee, 1.6 miles (2.6 km)

Funny how little distance I covered today. Well, the hell with it!

I started walking a bit before 9 this morning, again questioning why I am still out here doing this…

The scenery was not bad. There was still an overload of natural beauty, but somehow just not that overwhelming.

I got to the highway at Ebbets Pass really soon and some dayhikers started talking to me. They always have so many questions for pct hikers. 

But hey, I had a goal in mind that involved getting to Markleeville for some food so I patiently answered all of their questions and listened to their stories. 
Eventually a couple took me down the road and not much later I was eating a tasty salmon burger.

Next plan involved getting to Tahoe. I stood by the road with my cardboard-made sign and was succesfull about half an hour later. My driver, an older fisherman, was willing to take me to the highway junction where, again, I was advertising: ‘pct to tahoe’. This time, however, because of much more cars, I was picked up within five minutes.
My free taxi driver: a guy, about my age, often wandering in nature to do some semi-professional photography. He said he could drop me off in Tahoe but was actually driving to Truckee. I took the Truckee-offer and soon we were on an hour and a half roadtrip.

My driver stopped at a vista point over Lake Tahoe so I could get a picture of the huge alpine lake that it actually is. (I couldn’t stop thinking about Godfather: II) 

I was told that this is the second deepest lake in America. The deepest one is Crater Lake. I’ll get to see that one when I get further up north.

My personal chauffeur dropped me off at the Red Inn hostel in Truckee. I took a shower, did laundry and in the evening I went for a pizza at Best Pies. No more info needed.

One thought on “Day 102: Campsite to Truckee

  1. Mooi rond dat grote meer! Hier in Belgie kan je dit niet voorstellen dat je zo makkelijk een gratis taxi kan nemen. Hier zou het zelfs angstig zijn dat te doen

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