Day 103 – 105: Truckee

Day 103 – 105, August 14 – August 16, Truckee, 0 miles (0 km)

These Truckee days I stayed in bed till past noon. I watched some Netflix, walked around town for a bit and send a box with food to Drakesbad Guest Ranch. This means I’ve decided to walk some more miles in California instead of skipping all the way to Oregon. It’s weird, some days I just want to end all of this, other days I look forward to be back in the wilderness. For now I will get back on trail at Donner Pass and continue hiking north. First stops will be Sierra City and Belden. 

And of course I had a few drinks…

One evening, Kate, working at one of the bars in town, offered to cover my whole bill. Damn, I’ve said it before but I will say it again, we must be doing something right. Thank you. Again, all of you trailangels out there, thank you.

One thought on “Day 103 – 105: Truckee

  1. Die gastvrijheid is daar zo mooi! En toffe locatie waar je verbleef, tof gebouw! En geniet maar van wat je ook maar doet en wat je ook maar stapt, het moet tenslotte plezant en aangenaam blijven! Dat is wat telt!

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