Day 106: Donner Pass to Campsite

Day 106, August 17, Donner Pass to Campsite, 21.6 miles (34.8 km)

To get back on trail from Truckee you need to get to Donner Pass. There is a small town bus that takes you to the west shore of Donner Lake from where is is another three and a half miles on the the road to the pass. I exited the bus, had barely my thumb in the air before a local stopped to pick me up. Nice. Ten minutes after noon I started my walk. The first miles went through rocky terrain with often views of the lower Donner Lake. Not bad, not too majestic.

After about three and a half miles I had to walk through two tunnels under the busy highway. As soon as that was over, the giant boulders were no longer my walking terrain. Now I was in forest. This was going to be the story of the rest of the day. Almost. So, the trail winded it’s way uphill through the forest to come out an a small ridge, where I walked on for about ten minutes before I dropped down into the forest again. I think I did this about four times today. 

On the lower points of the forest there were mostly small creeks were I often filled up my bottles. 

The last walk for the day on the ridge was the nicest one. I had nice views over two lakes while the setting sun created a nice orange sky.

I got to camp just after eight and it was already pitch dark in the forest. While setting up my tent and cooking my dinner a deer kept on circling around me, constantly trying to get closer. Thanks for the company mate.

Oh, almost forgot. I passed by the Peter Grubb hut today. Nothing really special except for the fact that this is probably the only hut along the whole Pacific Crest Trail.

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