Day 107: Campsite to Sierra City

Day 107, August 18, Campsite to Sierra City, 21.9 miles (35.2 km)

I woke up at 6.30 but felt like I needed a few more hours of rest. Result: I started walking by 9. First up was another climb out of the forest to another nice ridgeline. 

Again this was over really soon as I found myself descending into the forest yet another time. A few miles in I collected water from the Mule Ears Creek. Did not see any resemblance between the creek and it’s name. But a fun name nevertheless. 

I stayed in the forest for the rest of the day. Mostly over undulated terrain. The last seven miles, however were all downhill towards Sierra City. It was a gradual descent that took me all the way to a wooden bridge from where I only had to go a few more miles into town. 

Some forest pics: 

I didn’t feel too great but was still able to keep going without much trouble. The store was where I wanted to be before they closed. 
I got to the store at 5.45pm, fifteen minutes before closing time. Hell yeah. The deli was already closed so I treated myself with some chips and soda’s. I got the wifi code and spent the next hour on the porch while enjoying my snacks.
Next up I wanted a place to spend the night. The one street town that Sierra City is did not have any accomodation which made sense pricewise. Don’t get fooled by the ‘city’ in the town’s name, the population is 225 and almost every accomodation or restaurant seems to be closed for renovation or because of family issues. Good thing the store is still operating.

The PCT town list noted that you can go camp close to God, meaning on the lawn next to the church, so I went over there. There were two people sitting on the benches close to the public restrooms and I joined them. Soon we were approached by a local asking if we could help him moving a washing machine from his garden to his house. In return he would get us six beers so we were easily convinced to use our last powers for the good deed. 
It was after dark when I had my tent up, ready for some divine sleep.

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