Day 108 – 113: Sierra City

Day 108 – 113, August 19 – August 24, Sierra City, 0 miles (0 km)

How can you stay in a town of a population of 225 for five days? Well, hikers that you didn’t see for a long time walked in, a local let us stay at his place, a Mexican family fed us for a few days,… 

While in town, one day the eclipse was happening. To see a full eclipse you had to be in Oregon but nevertheless, being more south, we still had a good feel of it. I’ve never seen that kind of light and the shadows it creates. It was special but was soon over. The four of us were sitting on the porch of our local host while enjoying the strange atmosphere. 

That same day we were welcomed in by a Mexican family for some late evening barbeque. And while that was going on a huge black bear walked on the other side of the street. She looked twice at us, a company of at least fifteen, but felt very confident and just walked on. What an astonishing beauty to see these animals from so closeby.

Time went by easily but after a few days it is time to go. Jeremy is going home, I will try to get to Chester to walk through Lassen National Parc and make my way to Burney falls.
By now you all noticed that I turned this PCT hike in my own selection of natural beauty. After Burney I will probably head over to Oregon to walk next to Crater Lake. But that’s for later.

One thought on “Day 108 – 113: Sierra City

  1. Zo kennen we je he Tom, het stappen en doen zoals je zelf wil en waar je je goed bij voelt! We hoorden op het nieuws van die verduistering, tof dat jij dit kon meemaken! Ik zei het nog hier thuis maar wist niet goed of jij dat kon meemaken daar. Tof met die beer zeg!

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