Day 114: Sierra City to Chester

Day 114, August 25, Sierra City to Chester, 0 miles (0 km)

This morning Jeremy and myself were driven to a road junction by one of the guys we met at the bbq evenings. For the next hour we were standing at the road until we got picked up by a lady and her dog. She went all the way to Truckee so that was good for Jeremy. I only needed to be dropped off about ten miles further down the road to continue my hitching adventure north to Chester. I got out of the car, thanked the lady and said goobye to Jeremy. He has quite the trip ahead of him as he will go back home in Utah. But once in Truckee he can easily get into Reno where he can get on some public transportation towards home.

Six hours and at least six different rides later I was dropped off at the Lutheran Church in Chester where you can camp for free. Quite a succesfull hitching day today.

From Chester I will get back on trail in Lassen National Parc. I definitely didn’t wanna miss walking through this area. I am pretty sure it will be stunning. Hopefully we can all agree on that when I have some pictures to share.

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