Day 119: Old Station

Day 119, August 30, Old Station, 0 miles (0 km)

After yesterday’s big day I didn’t really had the mindset to start walking when I got out of my tent this morning. Since I try to do what I want, rather than pushing myself, I decided to go to JJ’s for some breakfast and internet connection. I enjoyed my breakfast while updating my blog. I texted the homefront and also checked the information about the fire closures. It is bad. Most of the northern part of Northern California, almost the whole state of Oregon and since today even an area in Washington is on fire. I will continue to stick to my plan to hike to Burney Falls, get to Oregon and hopefully be able to walk around Crater Lake. Afterwards, I’m probably gonna have to try to get to Government Camp in Northern Oregon. But like I said before, not too much planning.

After hours of sitting in the cafe I decided to use the showers the cafe provides in the building next door. The shower does the trick but coming out of it with a clean body, it is disappointing to put the dirty clothes back on. I’ll probably be able to do some laundry in the next week or so. 
I went back to the cafe until it closed at 3. ‘Still lookin’, whom I met two days ago at Drakesbad, walked in and we ended up spending the afternoon and evening at the pic-nic table behind the gas station.
Bill, another hiker, joined us as well.

Nice, lazy day behind the gas station.

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