Day 120: Old Station to Cache 22

Day 120, August 31, Old Station to Cache 22, 16.2 miles (26.1 km)

Today’s story is short. 

I went to JJ’s for breakfast around 8.20 this morning. When I got there Bill and Still Lookin were putting their packs on, ready to start the day. Breakfast at 7, brave men!I ordered some eggs and toast and an hour later I was buying an extra bottle of water at the gas station. Today was the first day, since the desert, where there was no water in the first seventeen miles. It’s been a long time since I carried more than two bottles. But nice to have the water cache after 17 miles, otherwise there would have been no water for thirty miles. 

Today’s walk was spent entirely on Hat Creek Rim. This would have been great for wide views over the valley below, if not that all the views were blocked by a hazy, smoky sky. So I’m afraid that the pictures of today will not reveal a lot. But at least I have some smokie sky pictures now.

I would say that today was also the first day where temperatures were pretty high up, around 95f (35c). It was still way more comfortable than my last weeks back in the desert. 

Still Lookin’ (front, making that face on purpose) and Bill enjoying a break in a rare shady area.

When I reached forest road 22, where watercache 22 is situated, I decided to call it a day and take a late afternoon nap.

Around 7 I made myself some dinner, teriyaki noodles topped with croutons and tuna, and soon after I retreated to my tent to write my blog. Story of the day.

Tomorrow I will walk to Burney Mountain Guest Ranch. I heard good things about that place. Let’s check it out!

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