Day 121: Cache 22 to Burney Mountain Guest Ranch

Day 121, September 1, Cache 22 to Burney Mountain Guest Ranch, 16.6 miles (26.7 km)

First things first:

Happy birthday bollie! Love you! Soon, we’ll be reunited again. Looking forward to that! 

Less important things:

I started walking at 8.20 this morning and soon found myself on the rim again. Again there were not that many views because of the smoky sky. 

I soon descended from the rim through lava fields. All of a sudden I found myself in some kind of savanna. It felt like giraffes and lions could show up any second. Ofcourse that did not happen. It looked like the Serengeti but it was not. Shade was very scarce and the heat was high up again, close to a 105f (41c). 

I kept walking till I found myself at at a small creek and was happy to drink some semi cold water instead of the boiling hot one I carried in the mesh pockets of my pack. And I splashed a fair amount in my face and over my head. A nice cooling down makes the day in these temperatures.

Soon I was walking past a fish hatchery and Baum Lake. It seemed like some kind of nature reserve with swans, ducks and all kinds of birds using the area. It was weird seeing this water area that provides a natural haven for wildlife after two days of desert, savanna terrain. Nice change. 

Only a small climb seperated me from the ranch I was heading to and soon I was walking half a mile off trail to get to the place that promised to get me some treats.

And it delivered! As soon as I walked in I was handed over a bowl with ice-cream. Well yes, that did the trick. 
I went to the store, which is perfectly stocked for hikers, and got myself a snack and two ice cold drinks. The store works on a trust system where you write down whatever you take and you pay everything when you leave. For 25 dollars pct-hikers can camp at the ranch, take a shower, do laundry, use the pool and get breakfast in the morning. Done deal! I showered and finally got to wash my extremely dirty, smelly clothes! Especially my shirt was in need of that! Oh happy days are coming, wearing freshly washed clothes. Or let’s hope at least two happy hours!

8 thoughts on “Day 121: Cache 22 to Burney Mountain Guest Ranch

    1. Je weet niet hoeveel water je nog over hebt, de bladder zit in de backpack. Flessen kunnen uit de zijpockets genomen worden zonder de rugzak te moeten afdoen (meeste thru-hiker backpacks)


      1. Ja das waar ik heb me al veel sufgedacht over een systeem die kan laten weten hoeveel water er nog in je zak zit. Maar ik heb toch liever een bladder. Heb ze gepimpt zodat ik de slang rechstreeks aan mijn filterpomp kan aansluiten. Trouwens filter je water of is het micropur of steripen ?

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      2. Get the sawyer I’d say! 85 gram, veel goedkoper in Amerika dan in Europa (+/-30 euro verschil). Dus hier kopen mocht je ooit in de states komen wandelen. Niet aan het wandelen, aan het relaxen 😊

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  1. Tof plaatsje daar om efkes te verblijven! Toch weer heel warm ook daar, de frisse drankjes, een douche en gewassen kleren zullen welkom geweest zijn! En hoe lief voor Saartje, vind ik heel mooi van jou! Lieve groetjes van thuis!

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