Day 124: Lake Shastina to Crater Lake National Park

Day 124, September 4, Lake Shastina to Crater Lake National Park, 0 miles (0 km)

Tash, my driver from New Zealand, and I left Lake Shastina around 7.30 this morning. Next up was the two hour drive to Crater Lake. 

Although the sky was filled with smoke the views over this huge volcanic lake did not disappoint. 

We took some pictures at the rim when I suddenly heard someone shouting: ‘Tom!’. There were Nick, Matt and Woody. I had seen these guys through the desert and the last time in Mammoth. That was when Nick got off trail to buy himself a car in Phoenix. Back in Mammoth they had told me that they were gonna drive north to Portland. But what are the chances that I saw these guys again when I just got dropped off by Tash five minutes earlier. 
They told me I could jump in the car and that they would drop me off in Northern Oregon in two days time. In the meanwhile they were planning on checking out Oregon.

Ofcourse I took the offer and soon there were four people in the car!

We drove all day through the National Park, stopping at Diamond Lake, where we sat for a few hours at a beautiful, little beach after stuffing ourselves with pizza and chicken wings in a little pizzeria closeby.

Meet Nick, our driver.

In the evening we went over to the campground in the Park. We had some beers and a good night overall.
When driving through the Park we could clearly see a new fire building up. In the morning there was just a little smoke but as the day progressed, the fire grew. Scary how fast a whole area is up in flames.

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