Day 127: Campsite to Timberline Lodge to Stevenson

Day 127, September 7, Campsite to Timberline Lodge to Stevenson, 2.6 miles (4.3 km)

My day turned out to be completely different from what I thought it would be when I broke up camp this morning. I planned on hiking to Timberline Lodge, indulge myself with their amazing breakfast buffet and leave the lodge to hike another 16 miles to a campsite. In these miles I would have been able to walk to the Ramona Falls which, I heard, should be a very beautufil waterfall. 

But the only thing that happened was the walk to Timberline Lodge, just over two and a half mile, to enjoy their breakfast buffet, which was indeed over the top amazing! 

I walked around the lodge afterwards. It is an amazing building! The exterior was used in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining opening shot. Anyone remembers?

During my little self guided tour I saw a paper saying: PCT closed. I read it and it said that the trail is closed all the way to Cascade Locks. Cascade Locks is a town in the Columbia Gorge, which is the border between Oregon and Washington. People have been evacuated, roads are closed, nature in the gorge is destroyed,.. It’s a mess over there. And to think that the fire was started by some kids playing with fireworks. Sad!

The closure paper mentioned some possibilities of getting around it by using public transportation. First up, the Mt Hood Express bus to Sandy where I could take another bus to Gresham. From there I had to take three more small bus rides to Stevenson from where I hopefully can continue the trail. I’ve spoken to different American pct’ers and most of them decided to go back home and do Washington and the remaining part of Oregon in another year. 

Anyway, most of the buses connected fairly good, waiting for a maximum of half an hour to jump on the next one. Except for the last one. I got to Fisher’s Landing, close to Vancouver (Washington, not the Canadian one), and there I had to kill almost five hours. I checked Google maps and spotted a Sports Bar & Grill. I went over, had a little snack and a couple of soda’s. Uhm, I mean beers.

By 7.30 in the evening I was in Stevenson, a town on the north side of the Columbia River. 
I went over to the Red Cross evacuation ‘campground’, where locals from Cascade Locks were brought to.

I spent the evening talking to some of them and tried to figure out how and if I can still continue hiking. Tomorrow will be decision time.

2 thoughts on “Day 127: Campsite to Timberline Lodge to Stevenson

  1. Prachtig dat gebouw en zag er lekker ontbijt uit! Zal gesmaakt hebben en je zal efkes verder gekund hebben. Ja t een en t ander he met die branden, we zagen het in het nieuws, eigenlijk wel jammer nu je daar bent voor de wandelaars! We horen het dan nog wel wat je gaat beslissen! Vele grtjs van thuis!

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