Day 128: Stevenson to Seattle

Day 128, September 8, Stevenson to Seattle.

I am sad. My hike is over. The pct in Washington is closed in too many sections. There is the Eagle Creek fire, which prevented me from crossing Bridge of the Gods over the Columbia River. The section between White Pass and Snoqualmie Pass is closed. There’s a fire that is making it’s way south from Canada into the US. This means that the most northern part will probably also be closed in a few days. This will result in hikers not being able to cross the border between America and Canada.

All this, and the fact that I had a return flight ticket in about five days, made me decide to not deal with all the logistics to hitch, bus and / or train ride around all the closures. I have a flexible flight ticket so I could easily rebook my it but the idea of walking for a day or two before needing a day or two to get to the next spot did not sound attractive at all. And there would have been no views anyway. Skies are hazy and filled with smoke.

I know I took the most obvious choice but still I feel sad because I wasn’t ready to leave the mountains and forests yet. 

But I guess I will have to come back to fully enjoy the beautiful state that Washington is. 

After two buses and a three hour train ride I was in Seattle. I went over to the Green Tortoise Hostel and booked myself a bunk for two nights. 

In the evening I walked around the city for awhile. What a change of scenery. Big buildings, loud cars, tons of people and an insane amount of homeless people.

Welcome back to society.

2 thoughts on “Day 128: Stevenson to Seattle

  1. Ja kan ik geloven dat je dit wel heel jammer vindt! Zo je wandeling moeten afbreken is niet leuk! Maar we vreesden er beetje voor als we het nieuws zagen! Wel jammer dat je op die manier moest stoppen!

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